shelters past, present and future.

if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll have seen i’ve used a lot of different shelters over the years.

hilleberg, msr, big agnes, zpacks, mountain laurel designs and many more in-between. the latest being a hilleberg nammatj, which was great, but ultimately i moved it on after only 4 trips.


it just wasn’t for me. as great of a shelter as it was, it didn’t fit in with what i do. most of my trips typically include some sort of climbing and scrambling, so the extra weight and bulk of the nammatj didn’t fit in with this.

had i just been a backpacker hiking up to a camp spot, then it would have worked great.

so what’s next?

i’m going back to mids, more specifically mountain laurel designs and zpacks.

the mld will be for summit camps and winter, the zpacks for long distance and lower level.

i also still have the big agnes copper spur hv ul2 should i need a 2 person shelter for benign conditions.

as much as i love trying out new kit, it did seem to take over somewhat and was more a feature than the actual trips themselves, so, that being said, i’m done with kit, these will cover all scenarios i can think of.

i think 😉

scott parry

ultralight hiker, climber, trail runner, & fast packer.
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