going forward and social media.

as you’re probably aware from my recent post, i’ve moved away from a pseudonym and archived a lot of my past content as i wasn’t really happy with it.

i have also recently made the decision to delete my facebook page completely and limit my social media use to solely instagram and youtube going forward.

limit being the keyword here.

the trends, the algorithm, the curated feeds of perfection, the attention seekers, the endless death-scrolling, the fakes…

(not to mention the stalkers – you know the type, they’ve followed you for a long time, but have zero interaction – don’t worry, you’ll be removed very soon).

it’s all a little too much.

if there is one sure fire way to kill your creativity, it is spending too much time on social media.

you see, social media has been designed to be highly addictive; notifications, pokes, likes, validation, it’s all there to make people spend more and more time in the system.

have you ever tried ignoring the little red notification icon on your phone?

why do you think it’s always said, the best way to grow on any social media platform is to post content consistently?

the more content users share, the longer users are kept ‘entertained’, the longer they are ‘entertained’, the longer they stay in the system.

the longer they stay in the system, the more adverts they will have been served, meaning more revenue for the platform.

creation, consumption, validation, repeat – it’s a cleverly designed vicious circle.

if that’s what others choose to do, that’s fine, but i’m getting off the wheel.

this isn’t to say i’m going to stop creating content completely, it just won’t be as frequent, and it will be the content i want to create, no more feeding a greedy algorithm, or creating content i think users may want to see.

i’m done reviewing kit, it’s boring.

not only that, but my opinions change as i evolve, so what i may have liked last year, i may not like this year.

if you see me use something consistently, then there’s a good chance i like it, and it works for me.

from now on, i’ll probably just create content that serves as a memory for me, and maybe the odd kit list now and again, if others like that, then that’s cool.

anyway, catch you soon.

scott parry

ultralight hiker, climber, trail runner, & fast packer.

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