what happened to the lone explorer?

for those that don’t know, i have used the pseudonym of the lone explorer for a number of years for my social media accounts, but recently I’ve become increasingly aware that what i create is going in the wrong direction, it feels disconnected, it’s not authentic, it’s shit.

i’ve never really been truly happy with much, if any, of my content, whether that was a photo, or a video, it just didn’t feel like me, and i’m my own biggest critic.

for me, it’s not about posting a photo to instagram for likes, or uploading a video to youtube for views, i want the things i create to have meaning, to evoke some sort of feeling, an emotion, something, anything, maybe inspiring, for me, and for others, i need to feel it., or what’s the point?

this is what’s prompted me to change from a pseudonym to my actual name, and was also the catalyst that made me decide to archive some past youtube and instagram content. not sure if i’ll bring any back or delete altogether yet, we’ll see.

the beginning of a new year seemed like as good a time as any to start fresh, so here we go…

alongside changing the style of content i put out, i also made the decision to create this blog as another creative outlet.

not really sure how this site will evolve, but i’m hoping it will be a place i can share my thoughts, trips, route info and cool stuff with those of you that don’t want to watch yet another youtube video.

anyway, only time will tell how all this will work out, catch you soon.

scott parry

ultralight hiker, climber, trail runner, & fast packer.

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